How I found my IDENTITY as a Muslim Woman with Uzma Jafri #14


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Today I sat down with Uzma Jafri from the US, physician, super Mum, and podcaster. We discuss life as a Muslim woman before and after 9/11, the challenges that she faced, and how she overcame them. We also discuss the importance of defining one’s identity for a better life.
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Uzma Jafri grew up in Houston, the daughter of Muslim immigrants from Pakistan and India. This turned out to be good preparation for confronting people’s misconceptions about both Muslims and Texans.
Coming from a traditional Muslim family and being “unapologetically” Muslim, while still identifying with American culture, made Uzma hyperaware of the dangers that arise when people conflate culture and religion.
Today, Uzma is a physician running her own practice in Phoenix, medical director of an assisted living and hospice agency, and Director of Clinical Affairs of a free clinic. She is also a certified speaker for the Islamic Speakers Bureau of Arizona and volunteers with multiple organizations to support refugees.
However, she considers all of this to be a sideline to her real full-time occupation: shuttling her four kids to soccer, ballet, or any other activities she and her husband can think of to wear them out.
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