How to DREAM big as a Muslim Woman with Hanae Rafiq #13


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Today I sit down with Moroccan athlete and entrepreneur Hanae Rafiq where we discuss the power to reinvent oneself after adversity, dreaming big as a Muslim woman, and to never let the hijab be an obstacle to your success.
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Learn more about Hanae:
Hanae Rafiq is a young Moroccan woman who is highly skilled in Taekwondo.
She achieved 2nd place in a National Taekwondo championship in 2019.
As well as her remarkable achievements in martial arts she is a fashion designer and co-founder of Rafashion, where she creates and sells affordable, trendy items for women.
Sport addicted, Taekwondogirl & Adventure lover as she calls herself.
Follow her on Instagram: @hanae.rafiq
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