Episode 167: Devilstone


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This week is the second of two episodes in which we check out the beginning of Suspense and its end! “Devilstone” was the last episode of the classic series to be broadcast and it features the tale of a haunted Irish manor that has a peculiar effect on the dead. What secret drove the previous tenant mad? Will this story serve as the ideal finale for the famous series? What sound does a peahen make? Listen for yourself and find out! Then vote and let us know what you think!

Does Devilstone stand the test of time?
  • It's a timeless classic. It definitely stands the test of time.
  • There may be some antiquated moments, but overall it's great. It stands the test of time.
  • It may be historically significant or just fun, but it doesn't stand the test of time.
  • It's not worth revisiting. It definitely does not stand the test of time.

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