Episode 188: The Case of the Double Zero


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This week we listen to an episode of The New Adventures of Sherlock Holmes recommend to us by our mysterious listener Daniel. Thanks, Daniel! In this story, entitled “The Case of the Double Zero,” Holmes and Watson are portrayed by the two actors most associated with the roles, Basil Rathbone and Nigel Bruce. This case finds the duo enjoying some leisure time at a casino until an apparent suicide victim raises questions only the world’s greatest detective can answer! Had the dead man truly lost all his money? Will a morbid plan to steal from the casino succeed? How do Rathbone and Bruce really stack up compared to all the other versions of Holmes and Watson? Listen for yourself and find out! Then vote and let us know what you think!

Does The Case of the Double Zero stand the test of time?
  • It's a timeless classic. It definitely stands the test of time.
  • There may be some antiquated moments, but overall it's great. It stands the test of time.
  • It may be historically significant or just fun, but it doesn't stand the test of time.
  • It's not worth revisiting. It definitely does not stand the test of time.

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