#30 - Antonio García Martínez, The Pull Request


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Antonio García Martínez is a writer at and the publisher of The Pull Request, a publication about technology by technologists for technologists. He also hosts the The Pull Request podcast on Callin. He is best known for writing the best selling book: Chaos Monkeys, Obscene Fortune and Random Failure in Silicon Valley. The book details his journey from the PhD physics program at Cal Berkley, to trading credit derivatives at Goldman, to founding a YC company - AdGrok, to working as Facebook's first ads targeting product manager.


  • 1:00 - Intro to Antonio, who is the smartest person Antonio has ever met, and intro Qs
  • 4:30 - We are no longer a serious people; Afghanistan & democracy
  • 11:15 - Elites solving problems for twitter not reality & hot button issues
  • 13:00 - Accountability in democracy
  • 15:45 - The Pull Request & tech journalism
  • 21:45 - Antonio pushes back on The Narrative Monopoly!
  • 29:45 - Thinking about what to focus on
  • 33:45 - 30 Years War analogy to where we are with the internet
  • 38:45 - Federalism
  • 41:15 - Austin and people leaving CA
  • 43:15 - Decoupling how information flows from matter moves and the implications
  • 51:30 - Historical counter point to problems of internet information distribution
  • 58:00 - The advent of frictionless and ubiquitous information
  • 1:02:45 - Where to find Antonio


The Pull Request

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