Lisa Paine: The Art of Relationships and Juniper Arts Academy


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Join us for this week's episode of The Neighboring Movement Podcast, where we had the honor of interviewing our friend Lisa Paine, the executive director of Juniper Arts Academy. In this episode, Lisa talks about the ways in which art and relationships intersect and the work of her recently founded nonprofit.

Lisa, a friend and frequent collaborator, has worked at a different nonprofit in our neighborhood for years. But, as of the last few weeks, she has stepped into her role as executive director at the nonprofit she recently founded - Juniper Arts Academy. The Academy seeks to provide excellent fine arts education to teens in the juvenile justice & foster care communities. And, they do this through the primary medium of relationships. So, this week, host Adam sat down with Lisa to hear about her organization's powerful story and work and also their theory of relationship in the context of this work. We hope you enjoy!

And, if you would like to learn more about, volunteer for, or donate to Juniper Arts Academy, you can visit their website here!

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