Martin Jensen 'Me, Myself, Online: Music and the New Abnormal'


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In this early episode of #TheNewAbnormal series, I interviewed the billion-streamed, multi-platinum songwriter and producer Martin Jensen, who topped off a crazy year as an X-Factor judge.
Martin’s breakthrough 'Solo Dance' had over a million streams daily upon its release and was the second-most played track of the past decade across BBC Radio 1, as well as going 8x platinum with international success.
He also collaborated with #1 artist James Arthur, and The Vamps, and was approached by Katy Perry and her team to officially remix ‘Bon Appetit’.
He collaborated with Jason Derulo, regularly playing hundreds of live gigs each year (before the pandemic hit) taking his sound to shows everywhere from the world’s biggest dance festival Tomorrowland, to Lollapalooza, etc.
At the start of lockdown, he launched a project called 'Me, Myself, Online' that saw him stream sets from stunning locations, solo in conjunction with Twitch and Revolut.
So, in this episode we discuss his dynamic career, the day to day complications of being a mega-star DJ vs 'normal life' and how he related to the issues of 'hope, community and resilience' during the pandemic.

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