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Today’s episode discusses the world of tech, and you can find IT success in such a competitive and ever-growing industry. With more tech positions than ever, how can you set yourself apart and pave your own path to IT success? Brad and Bobby discuss the changing IT landscape and the importance of focusing on yourself in a way that will help you adapt to that landscape. How can you set yourself apart and find success in the world of IT? Find out in this week’s episode!

“From what I see, and what I tell my candidates and people that are first starting out, whether they’re a software engineer, software developer, it doesn’t matter. Find something that you’re passionate about, and learn everything you can about it. Take certifications if they offer them.”

Brad Anderson, CEO of TechBridge, a Salt Lake City IT staffing company, and Bobby Glen James, Author, Speaker, and founder of BoTecha IT Support discuss IT success and how you can obtain it. Hear these tech experts discuss the tech growth, important tech skills, and how you can find success in this week’s episode of the New IT podcast episode, “IT Success!”.

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