Ep #231 Emmanuel Anthony Is A Human Behaviorist, Shares The Universal Laws That Bring Humans Back Into Balance & How The Demartini Method Revolutionized His Life


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Emmanuel Anthony is a human behavioural specialist, researcher, writer, consultant, teacher, Demartini Method facilitator

and inspirational speaker. He has spent the last decade working with thousands of clients globally, dedicated towards

assisting human beings 1-on-1 and 1-on-many to get crystal clear on their mission on planet earth, overcome common

mental disorders, accelerate human evolution, growth and mastery with in all seven areas of life, whilst drastically

expanding their awareness. His teachings and body of work can be found through his company Quantum Equilibrium,

YouTube, social media platforms and media sources such as television, radio, podcasts and literature. His legacy is driven

by a highly driven focus to share the most powerful tools, resources and technology that would allow any human being

regardless of age, sex, colour or creed to achieve self-governance, self-mastery, wellness, wellbeing, longevity and

a holistic soul driven experience on planet earth.

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