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When you think of remote work, you can almost always relate it to having a drink with a tiny umbrella on a beach somewhere exotic while tapping on your laptop or having a Zoom meeting in a cozy mountain lodge in front of a roaring fire. That is not always the case. Some people are just grateful to be working remotely because it is a necessity for the health of their child and family.
In this The New Nomad episode, Rowena Hennigan joins Andrew Jernigan and Allen Koski. Becoming a mother at 40, Rowena regales the audience with her experience as a digital nomad and tips on how to balance work and family. Currently based in Spain, she talks about the importance of reset and mental health - why it should be a priority for remote workers everywhere. Our three experienced nomads openly discuss how working remotely while travelling with a child is a whole new level of challenges and rewards - and not always pina coladas.
[5:42] Remote work makes career-family balance possible

[9:43] Kids and remote work - how do you deal with both?

[15:06] Your family, your team

[15:55] Take stock and count your blessings

[16:40] You are your best investment

[28:38] The power of visualization
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