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Many who enter #VanLife doesn't know anything about RV or vehicle maintenance, or even where and when they want to start. It’s important to know the basics, however, and have a general awareness of what’s going on. Chris Penn is a seasoned traveller with expertise on life on the road. Who could be more credible in educating people on how to actually start and thrive on the on-the-go setup than someone who has been traveling full time on the road for over a decade, before #VanLife is even #Vanlife!
In this episode of The New Nomad, Chris joins Andrew Jernigan and Allen Koski as they entertain and educate people about the #VanLife, more specifically the off-the-grid Skoolie life. They share their experiences, challenges, and tips on how to make mobile living work. It takes skillful planning, budgeting, and a whole lot of resourcefulness to be location independent while making a decent income. But equipped with enough knowledge, having a great, long adventure of a lifetime could become your reality too!
[4:31] From a soccer mom van, humble beginnings
[10:50] Making money online made skoolie life possible
[14:12] Comfortable living at $1,000/month
[15:05] Get educated on BLMs, public lands, and where to park for free
[17:05] Monetizing your experience and adventures

A dog, the perfect travel buddy
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