Sirthomas Snell & Nikos talk COVID, Lockdowns, Vaccines and Apartheid States


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Sirthomas is a freethinker and “concerned citizen” sifting through the endless distractions to discuss things that impact your life. His primary goal is to awaken the “curiosity” in as many people as possible.

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2:30 Sirthomas first hears of Covid

5:45 Offices forced into social distancing and then remote working

12:50 Nikos feels like a sheep

14:40 #SafeVaccines being overused by the European Commission on LinkedIn

18:00 Austria beats the EU with rolling out Covid certificates first

23:20 Kabab shops and masks in downtown Vienna

26:55 All-in Vaccination. Do vaccinated people take pleasure in their favoured status vs unvaccinated

28:00 The book: They thought they were free book; "His 10 nazi friends"

30:45 Ideological subversion

34:00 Our need for straight answers and people are getting angry

36:20 Are we being pressured to revolt deliberately?

39:28 Hitler's strategy and patterns of history and timelines

41:20 public apathy

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