Episode 77 - Pioneering AAU Basketball with Dana and David Pump


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On this episode, we take it back with the two guys who started it all for some of the most legendary hoopers. David and Dana Pump, were pioneers of the AAU scene in LA in the late 80’s/early 90’s. With what began as a scouting service, the Pump brothers recognized a need to establish organized basketball and a pipeline to put west coast players on the national stage. With the Pump-N-Run, they did exactly that. From James Harden and Paul George, to Klay Thompson and of course a prodigy from the valley...Gilbert Arenas.

Gil gives big props to the Pumps for what they did for him and a long line of LA players. We get into how they built it, where they knew it would go and the system as it is today. The guys also share a great perspective on Gil’s journey from LA to Arizona and his stardom in DC. They want to see him back in the picture with the Wizards -- and so do a lot of people!

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