Crispy Octopus, Chili Crab and My Other Favorite Food Moments From Around the World


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I’ve been lucky enough to taste the world through amazing dishes and fabulous experiences. In today’s episode, I talk about my top 10 favorite food experiences where the food, atmosphere, and adventure all mix to make the perfect moment.

Visit: for the full show notes of this page with details on the restaurants discussed.
What you will learn:

• Why traveling in the same city where you live is exciting.

• The moment I fell in the with food and travel.

• What made the Dover Sole at Jöel Robuchon so amazing.

• What makes Kag Kebab different from Doner Kebab.

• Why lobster rolls should use a normal bun and avoid the top split bun.

• The special ingredient in Khao Soi that makes it so creamy and delicious.

• My biggest regret of eating at Tickets in Barcelona Spain.

• How to do Cha in Seoul.

• How to eat cheaply in Singapore.

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