Delectable Cincinnati Chili, Jungle Jim’s, and The Power of Food Stories with Jacob Zimmerman from Seasoned to Taste


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With Cincinnati, Ohio bordering two neighboring states, it's easy to see how this quirky city becomes overlooked by travelers. With regional classics such as Cincinnati-style chili and goetta (pronounced GET-uh), any foodist looking for unique opportunities to chow down will have their dreams fulfilled.
In this episode, I interview Jacob Zimmerman, the host of the Seasoned to Taste, a podcast focusing on how food shapes relationships and culture. Through his own life experiences and interviews with guests, Jacob shaped his own worldview on food and why it's so important to our lives. We discuss his personal food and travel experiences and dive into his hometown of Cincinnati as a prime foodist spot.
Visit: for the full show notes of this page with details on the restaurants discussed, PLUS extra restaurants and bars worth visiting not discussed in this episode.
In this episode you will learn:

  • Why Jacob started his podcast
  • The importance of food memories and stories
  • Where to stay in Cincinnati
  • How long you should stay for the best trip
  • Where to find the best Cincinnati style chili
  • Why Jungle Jim’s is the best grocery store ever
  • How to best spend your time exploring the city

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