Exploring California Wine Country, Wine for Beginners and Being a Paparazzi for the Pope with Chris Christensen from Amateur Traveler


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California holds a reputation as a world-class wine region, standing firm against more notable European counties such as France and Italy. Discovering and learning about wine is an adventure of its own, and what better place to start than California.

Chris Christensen is a podcaster, blogger, and world traveler hosting long-time running, award-winning Ametuer Traveler Podcast. With millions of downloads and thousands of loyal fans, Chris interviews guests about travel destinations all around the world, putting together itineraries for the enthused American tourist.

In today’s episode, we discuss California wine country. For many Americans, visiting the notable wine country seems like an afterthought with wanderlust pointing them towards Tuscany or Burgundy. Chris, however, shows how beautiful and delicious California wine country can be, discussing his favorite regions, restaurants, and wineries.

Visit https://nomadicfoodist.com/californiawine for the full show notes of this page with details on the restaurants and wineries discussed, PLUS extra restaurants, bars, and wineries worth visiting not discussed in this episode.

In this episode you will learn:

  • What makes California wine so special
  • The best times of years to visit
  • Why you should be doing a wine tasting
  • What AVA is and why it's important to find your favorite wines
  • How to learn about wine and decide which ones are your favorite
  • What wine trends are and why they are important
  • Chris’ favorite wineries and food recommendations

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