Fall Road Trips in Slovenia, Overcoming Food Taboos and Fantastic Wines with Helene Jelenc


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Helene Jelenc started her blog, Wandering Helene, back in 2012 when she started traveling to other countries and wanted to document her experiences and share her photos. She looked at her blog like an online magazine, where the world could read and understand her insights of every destination.
To Helene, food is universal. Everyone eats and everyone can learn about a new culture through food. From what they eat or don’t eat, to who prepares the food and why, food is more than nourishment, it's ingrained in our identity.
We discuss food taboos which are cultural, personal, religious, or legal prohibition of certain types of food. If you think about it, everyone follows their own personal food taboos. No matter the demographic, food taboos remain strong in everyone's life.
We also dive into Slovenia, a hidden gem loaded with beautiful scenery and delicious food without the touristy crowds.
Delicious food and wine abounds throughout the country but the best way to plan a trip is to stay in the capital and rent a car, making day trips to other parts of the country.
Visit: nomadicfoodist.com/slovenia for the full show notes of this page with details on the restaurants discussed, PLUS extra restaurants and bars worth visiting not discussed in this episode.
In today's episode you will learn:

  • Helene’s background and how Wandering Helene started
  • How Helene got her start exploring food
  • What are food taboos and why it's important to notice them
  • What the most common food taboos are
  • Why we should confront our own food bias
  • How Slovenia is such a great travel destination
  • Helene’s favorite Slovenian festivals
  • What PGI’s are and why they are important to Slovenian cuisine
  • Where should someone stay during their first visit to Slovenia
  • How safe the roads are in the country

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