Summer in New England, Delicious Seafood and Family Vacations with Beth Fuller


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Comprised of six states, New England is a beautiful region of the United States filled with rolling mountains tops and cold ocean waters. Recalling my own trip to the area, New England is by far one of my favorite trips of all time, and one that I would recommend to every American.

Beth Fuller is professional food photographer and the host of the Food Adventures Podcast. She’s lived in the New England Area for most of her life, and knows the ins and outs of planning the perfect summer trip.

Visit: for the full show notes of this page with details on the restaurants discussed, PLUS extra restaurants and bars worth visiting not discussed in this episode.

What you will learn:

  • How Beth began her food journey
  • Why New England should be your next vacation
  • Which city to start off your food adventure
  • The Vermont city you should visit
  • Portland’s unique history
  • Why Rhode Island should not be missed
  • Bostonian words to help you fit in :)

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