Adjusting to the New Life as an International Student with Pearl Abue,UT Austin, Ladi Adeoluwa,University of Alabama and Daniel Ojinaka,Carleton University


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Based on popular demand, I decided to host a Q & A session with my friends Pearl, Ladi, and Daniel who’ve been abroad now for about 1-6 semesters, to ask them how life has been for them since they moved from their home country Nigeria to study in the US and Canada respectively.
Pearl Abue is a 3rd year Ph.D. student of the Chemical Engineering department at UT Austin working on research on Chlorine initiated chemistry in indoor and outdoor environments. She received her Masters in Chemical Engineering from UT Austin in May 2021 and her B. Eng. in Chemical Engineering from Covenant University in 2018. Also, she previously volunteered with the MastersPrep group helping students through their admissions process, and in her spare time, enjoys reading young adult fantasy novels, viewing unconventional art spaces, and exploring the state of Texas (with hopes to explore the rest of the world soon).
Ladi Adeoluwa is currently pursuing a Ph.D. degree in Electrical Engineering at the University of Alabama, USA. His research interests include Radar/Lidar Signal processing, Deep learning, and Embedded Systems.
Daniel (DI) Ojinaka is currently pursuing a Master’s degree in Technology Innovation Management Program at Carleton University, Ottawa, Canada and works as the Program Ambassador at the University's Business Accelerator, helping technology startups from the university to develop and grow their businesses. Also, Daniel is a member of the Sprott Student Consulting Group where he is leading a project with the Impact Management Academy and his interests revolve around technology, research, sustainability, and impact projects that address climate change. In his spare time, he is either ideating on a side project he's managing, watching a TV series on Netflix, or staring at an exotic plant.
Join Pearl, Ladi, DI, and I as we discuss ways you can adjust to your new life as an international student!
I hope you enjoy listening and learning, as much as we enjoyed recording and sharing!
North American Love,
Pearl, Ladi, DI & Tolu
N/B: This episode was originally recorded during an Instagram Live Event on Saturday 21st August 2021 and the video recording can be found here!

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