How To Secure Undergraduate Admission in an Ivy League University with Fath'Ma Marcelah '24 & Daniel Idakwoji '23, Cornell University and Kato Adam David '24, University of Pennsylvania


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Happy Labor Weekend guys!
This one's for my prospective undergraduate friends/audience planning to study at a College or University in USA!
Fath' Ma Marcelah is a sophomore from Goma, Democratic Republic of Congo majoring in Landscape Architecture at Cornell University. In her spare time, she loves to design and enjoys dancing.
Daniel Idakwoji is a sophomore from Abuja,Nigeria majoring in Chemical Engineering at Cornell University.
Kato David Adam is a freshman from Rwanda, intending to major in Political Science at the College of Arts and Sciences at UPenn. Also, he is interested in other forms of academia - Medicine, International Relations, Philosophy, Ethics- and loves engaging in or listening to conversations centered around these knowledge domains. In his spare time, David enjoys volunteering, staying engaged in the community, spending time with friends and listening to music.
Join Fath’Ma, Daniel, David and I as we discuss the requisites to applying and obtaining admission in an Ivy League University!
I hope you enjoy listening and learning, as much as we enjoyed recording and sharing!
Ivy League Love,
Fath'Ma, Daniel, David & Tolu
N/B: This episode was originally recorded during an Instagram Live Event on Monday 6th September, 2021 and the video recording can be found here!

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