The Non-Prophets 20.27 2021-07-04 with Malty, Notes from Autumn, Jim Barrows, and Jena Miyu


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Come one, come all, and witness the most dangerous church on earth. That's right, it's the Moonies! Join Malty, Jena, Jim, and Autumn as they discuss the heavily armed church of the Reverend King Moon. Next up, we take a more somber look at the newly discovered unmarked graves at former religious residential schools for Indigenous children in Canada. Thirdly, we look at the religious tests being given to candidates for public office in Tennessee, including looking at an opinion piece by Andrew Seidel. Lastly, our panel gives us their best takes on Lemon Laws and church-state separation.
Segment 1 [2:45]: "The Reverend King Moon "
Gun Church That Worships With AR-15s Bought a 40-Acre Compound in Texas for Its ‘Patriots’
Segment 2 [27:20] : "Canadian Residential Schools"
Canada discovers 751 unmarked graves at former residential school
The American church needs to reckon with its legacy in Indigenous boarding schools
Secretary Haaland Announces Federal Indian Boarding School Initiative
Segment 3 [47:25] : "Religious tests for public office in TN"
Tennessee should end religious tests for public office impartially | Opinion Andrew L. Seidel (Tennessean) June 8th 2021
Why it matters that 7 states still have bans on atheists holding office
Segment 4 [1:02:00]: LOOKING BACK - "The Lemon Test"
The “Lemon Test” (1971) and Church-State Separation (Freethought Almanac)
The American Legion v. American Humanist Association
Satanist Plant to Symbolically Take Over the Bladensburg Peace Cross in Maryland
Bladensburg Satanic Peace Cross Ceremony

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