The Non-Prophets 20.28 2021-07-11 with Cynthia McDonald, Ragabash Dabbler, and Nate Smith


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The Non-Prophets, episode 20.28 airing July 11th 2021 featuring Cynthia McDonald, Non-Prophet Intimate Ragabash Dabbler and guest host Nate Smith.
So what did we learn today kiddos? Well on shit internet apologist say, we discussed how Fox News wines (inserts crickets) but this time they are wining about no one in the media having to say good things about religion or just ignoring it altogether (yes more of that please). We discussed the church vandalisms in Canada after the discovering of more unmarked graves from residential schools geared to the indoctrination of Indigenous children. We also spoke about how catholic bishops wanna take Joe’s wine and wafers away b/c of his support of abortion rights. And we came around the bend to finish this dog and pony show with looking back to Pope Clement VII excommunication of Jolly ole Henry VIII.
Article Links
Segment 1: Shit Internet Apologists Say
Fox News: Experts sound off on the media's 'negative' or absent coverage of religion: 'Incomplete at best'.
Segment 2: Digging Up Canada’s Dark Past
Chris Selley: If politicians can't condemn Indigenous church burnings, 'reconciliation' is a pipe dream
Latest First Nations discovery reveals 182 unmarked graves at Canada school
Trudeau denounces church burnings, vandalism in Canada
Feds break promise to eliminate all drinking water advisories in 2021, vow work will continue
Segment 3: Dirty Priests Done Joe Cheap
Joe done dirty by American Bishops
Segment 4: Looking Back
Free Thought Almanac July 11: Excommunication
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