The Non-Prophets 20.32 2021-08-08 with Jena Miyu, Richard Gilliver, Jack Parker, and Malty


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The Toyko 2020 Olympics has made major headlines, and they are certainly not all good. The hosts on this week’s episode kick it off with a discussion surrounding wellness and mental health at the Olympics stemming from the sudden drop (and later reentry) of top World Championship Medalist Simone Biles. This Olympic conversation continues on with news surrounding how the women are making major moves in stopping the over-sexualization in competition. In our special “Looking Back” segment, we reflect on a prior episode of the Non-Prophets as we re-visit rape culture taking place at Liberty University and the lawsuit that follows. To end on a high note, find out how your dead body can be buried in a way that’s eco-friendly for Mother Gaia!
Segment 1: “A Case of the ‘Twisties’”
Link to Main Article:
“Simone Biles and ‘the Twisties’”
Additional References:
“Mental Health at the Olympics”
Segment 2: “Olympic Women Stand Up!”
Link to Main Article:
“Beach Handball Team Fined over Bikini Bottoms”
Additional References:
“Beach Handball: ‘Pay to Not Play’”
“Body-covering Unitards & Rejection of Sexualization”
“Soul Cap Banned from Olympics”
Segment 3: [LOOKING BACK] - NP Episode 20.15 (Apr.11, 2021), Segment 4 - “Tax Dollars Shouldn’t be Spent on Bigotry”
Link to Main Article:
“On-campus Rape Lawsuit Against Liberty University”
Additional Reference:
“Liberty University Being Sued by 12 Women”
Segment 4: “Tree Pod Burials”
Link to Main Article:
“How to be Buried as a Tree”

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