#52 - Nic Higham and Paul Dobson - The Great Equaliser


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Nonduality can seem decidedly obscure, abstract and complicated, but the truth to which the word points is absolutely simple and accessible. Experientially, Nonduality is about returning to the absolute simplicity of 'what is' before the mind starts breaking up the present moment and complicating it. The truth is that the mind has added dividing lines where there aren’t any, and this is relatively straightforward to recognise. The human mode involves judging, comparing, rejecting and accepting. This contributes to the perception of duality. The perfect, seamless, whole we call life seems to get split apart into infinite amounts of segments. But no matter how many ways the mind attempts to split life, it is always one and its expressions are therefore equal. So we can deeply question what anything is, to look beyond our habitual assumptions. What is the nature of the countless appearances of life, if not life itself? In the spiritual search (and indeed in any search, ultimately), we're seeking reality beyond limitation, beyond conceptual storytelling. There's only nondual reality being itself and expressing itself through illusory duality. There's only the one life seemingly losing itself through thought, and finding itself through realising the basic nature of thought.

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