#53 - Nic Higham and Paul Dobson - Why You Don't Need To Argue With Reality


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Nondual therapist speaks with co-host Paul Dobson in this episode of The Nonduality Podcast.

You seek that which you believe is not already present. You fight that which you believe shouldn't be present. In this cycle of grasping and aversion, you are trying to get out of this moment because it seems unacceptable. Despite appearances, what is this moment, really, but the one reality you seek? When this is recognised, there's an opening into what already is and what you have always been.

Knowing that reality is all, we stop getting into arguments with its unfoldment, with the inevitably and actuality of life's expressions. Reality is a perfection that embraces our ideas of both perfection and imperfection. Reality, therefore, transcends all ideas about perfection and imperfection.

Life is free to express in every possible way; everything is the shining forth of itself. It's infinitely pregnant with possibility. All we are ever seeing is the actualisation of all these possibilities.

What is arising, precisely? When you investigate, do you find anything other than aliveness, beingness or consciousness? Without referring to any memories or notions, what is the nature of anything present? The nature of every transient occurrence is the one eternal life we all are. In this sense, any arising can serve as a way into the heart of reality. Even the things that we habitually deem as unacceptable serve as a portal into this truth.

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