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The Nonduality Podcast with nonduality author and nondual therapist Nic Higham and Paul Dobson.

In a sense, desire was the principal “big bang.” It’s a mystery why or how such a powerful explosion of passionate desire developed out of unspeakable completeness! One can only wonder: “Life desired, therefore I am.” Thus, in partnership with imagination, it created your personal world along with your hopes and fears and everything in between.

Life often seems random and chaotic, and sometimes misaligned with our desires or needs. The ego thinks it is supreme and that everything should comply with its viewpoint and purpose; it can never be peaceful and harmonious because it’s the opposite of peace and harmony. Part of its nature is an unwillingness to be one with life and a refusal to live in alignment with the inevitable. If it saw that it was one with life, it would instantly perish because its pseudo-existence is based on separateness and it likes it that way. Thankfully, the ego isn’t a permanent entity and its insubstantial nature offers openings to a greater order.

When we say “greater order,” we’re not describing a higher purpose removed from the human paradigm; we’re pointing to life’s unavoidable “isness” or intimate actuality. Events are inevitable, though they’re not preordained by an egocentric, aloof god. This greater order is not something mysterious or nebulous; it’s this here, right now—this flawlessly emerging moment we’re married to. We can feel it, see it, smell it, taste it, and hear it in everything, wherever we are. We can realise that we are always in alignment with it because we are it. Such a realisation transforms our expectations to work with reality, and teaches us that although events may not unfold as we expect, there’s a certain equanimity in honouring the inevitable. When we allow this insight in a natural and unforced way, a pro- found peacefulness amidst the imagined duality communicates itself to us as our unshakable Aliveness. A changeless tranquility, an unqualified gladness become evident amidst the mind’s habitual judging. It’s all-pervading perfection that dawns when life is seen through the lens of Being instead of through the intellect. This insight, this clear seeing is the only real way to make peace and uncover genuine connectivity with the One Life.


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