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It’s Episode 24 of Season 14. This week we conjure spells for you about the seasons of life.

“My Mom’s Death” written by Scott Newman (Story starts around 00:06:30)

Produced by: Phil Michalski

Cast: Katherine – Danielle McRae, Mother – Nikolle Doolin

“Turn Off the Taps” written by Alexander Hay (Story starts around 00:21:00)

Produced by: Jesse Cornett

Cast: Narrator – Andy Cresswell, Chief – Joseph Shire, UX Hamster – David Ault, Linda – Penny Scott-Andrews, Paramedic – Erika Sanderson

“The Corvid” written by Jeff Miller (Story starts around 00:49:45)

Produced by: Phil Michalski

Cast: The Locksmith – Atticus Jackson, Ben – Mick Wingert, The Jeweler – Graham Rowat, The Corvid – Peter Lewis, Millie – Nikolle Doolin, Elderly Woman – Jessica McEvoy

“Five times I trusted my guts, and the one time I didn’t” written by Manen Lyset (Story starts around 01:11:15)


Produced by: Jesse Cornett

Cast: Narrator – Nichole Goodnight

“Amateur Night” written by Marcus Damanda (Story starts around 01:32:00)


Produced by: Jeff Clement

Cast: Summer – Jessica McEvoy, Casper – Jeff Clement, Sheryl – Sarah Ruth Thomas, Joletta Dorsey – Nichole Goodnight,“Wolfman Jack” – Atticus Jackson, Bouncer – Mike DelGaudio, Game Warden – Elie Hirschman, Officer Drew – Graham Rowat, Grandfather – Armen Taylor, Marty – Dan Zappulla, The Reverend Mordecai Dorsey – David Cummings, Bar Patron – Kyle Akers

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Executive Producer & Host: David Cummings

Musical score composed by: Brandon Boone

“Amateur Night” illustration courtesy of Kelly Turnbull

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