Cancer Season 2019 Astrocast with Bess Matassa and Sandy Sitron


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As the Sun moves into Cancer it's time for our monthly Astrocast , with resident Numinous astrologers Bess and Sandy. Key themes that we'll be swimming through in the coming weeks, include: How to move more deeply into our feelings, "stay with" the sensations, and use our feelings as a navigational force; Learning to disarm ourselves and "come undone," and when and how to self protect; Feeling into the rhythms that are unfolding in our lives and learning to "go with" instead of against; How our self-image is a reflection of our internal landscape; Family patterning; and finding the balance between structure and flow.

Dates for your diary:
6/21 - Sun Enters Cancer + Neptune retrograde
6/26 - Mercury Enters Leo
7/7 - Mercury Retrograde in Leo, 7/19 Mercury Retrograde Enters Cancer
7/1 - Mars Enters Leo
7/2 - Cancer New Moon Total Solar Eclipse
7/3 - Venus Enters Cancer
7/8 - Chiron Retrograde in Aries
7/16 - Capricorn Full Moon

Discover more about Bess and book a reading HERE and learn about Sandy's upcoming offerings HERE.

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