Gemini Season 2019 Astrocast with Bess Matassa + Sandy Sitron


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Numinous resident astrologers Bess and Sandy are back, with a deep dive into the astrological transits for Gemini Season 2019. Themes discussed in this episode cover:

-Cultivating a beginner's mind and being satisfied with knowing what you know, without needing to grasp beyond that in an attempt to have all the answers.

-Letting what wants to reveal itself do so in its own time. Being available to synchronicity and learning to cultivate faith that you cannot "miss" anything that is truly meant for you.

The Gemini New Moon period
-What kind of witch are you?! Being open to your personal flavor of magic, working as a channel to let what wants to come through you come through you. What can you shift and transmute—what kind of alchemist are you?

Sagittarius Full Moon period
-What is this quest that you're on? Working with your past without having to purge or "fix" it. Understanding the relationship between where you've been and where you're heading. Consciously integrating your stories and letting all your feelings inform your future choices.

Key dates for your diary:

5/21 - Sun and Mercury move into Gemini

6/3 - Gemini New Moon

6/4 - Mercury moves into Cancer

6/17 - Sagittarius Full Moon

6/21 - Neptune moves retrograde

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