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Happy new year! Yes, this episode has been timed for the first week of January—and is for anybody who may be embarking on a month off drinking as a way to kick-start a longer reevaluation of their drinking habits. What I call, getting "Sober Curious." Since I began using this term, Lee Tilghman (a.k.a. @leefromamerica) is one person who's been very vocal about her own sober curiosity, and I wanted to hear the full story.

Turns out, Lee's story (which she writes about HERE) is very, very similar to mine. Is, I suspect, very similar to MANY of our stories, when it comes to the complex and not always healthy relationship we have with our bodies, our feelings, and the behaviors and substances we use to manipulate both with. In this episode, we discuss ...

  • Lee's experience of getting Sober Curious and what the term means for her

  • Problem eating as a precursor to problem drinking

  • Drugs and partying as a way to feel validated, and play a role that's been sold to us by society and the media

  • The root of feelings or even the Self we're often hiding from with booze

  • Feeling the FOMA (Fear of Missing Alcohol) and how to make new Sober Curious friends

  • How to be present with what we don't want to be feeling

  • The importance of knowing your "why" for getting Sober Curious

You can learn more about Lee and her work HERE and follow her on Instagram @leefromamerica. You can also read more about her history with eating disorders HERE and her thoughts on "Body Checking" HERE.

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