Pisces Season 2019 Astrocast with Bess Matassa and Sandy Sitron


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It's time for the next installment of our monthly Astrocast podcast with Bess Matassa and Sandy Sitron. The Sun moves into Pisces on Monday February 18, and Bess and Sandy begin this episode with a look back at the lessons of Aquarius Season. How have the themes of community, inspiration, and innovation been firing for you these past few weeks?

With Pisces season (2/18—3/20) we move into the close of the astrological year—a time for allowing, non-judgement and increased compassion, of letting go (Bess has an amazing new way to frame this) and letting things “recede” in their own time. In this episode you will also learn about:

-How Pisces season 2019 coincides with the move of 'wounded healer' Chiron in Aries on 2/18.

-The themes of the Virgo full (2/19) and Pisces new moons (3/6): How to sit with challenging feelings and create space for it all. Creating a safe container for exploring sensitivity. Working with boundaries without shutting things out.

-How to use Venus in Aquarius (3/1-3/26) to find freedom in relationships.

-Mercury going retrograde in Pisces (3/5—3/28) as an invitation to listen to emotions in new ways; to attune to your intuition; to cultivate kinder self speech; and to find “romance” and mystery in everyday life.

We also do a shout-out for feedback from YOU on what you want to learn more about in astrology. We're shaking things up in 2019, and as we craft our content going forward we want to make sure we're giving you more of the Astro content you want! Email support@the-numinous.com to let us know what you are most astrologically curious about ...

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