Spirituality + Activism with Diego Perez (aka @yung_pueblo)


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You may know Diego’s poetry from Instagram. Deceptively simple, his words are deeply impactful, and have recently been compiled into a book, Inward.

But did you know Diego got heavily involved in activism and organizing in his teens? That he is a dedicated Vipassana meditator (attending multiple 10-day silent meditation retreats per year)? And that he credits his meditation practice with showing him the missing piece in creating lasting, meaningful, social change? Fittingly for a Sagittarius New Moon launch date, Diego is also a Sag (of course!)

We get into all this and SO MUCH MORE in our conversation, including:

  • Why Diego believes that getting Sober Curious can be a vital piece in staying connected to our passion and our purpose.

  • How to use social media for social change.

  • Diego’s writing process—and why you’ll never see the word “spirituality” in his work.

  • Collective healing as a hallmark of our transition into the Age of Aquarius.

You can discover more about Diego, his book Inward, and all his upcoming events @yung_pueblo.

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