The Link Between Sobriety, Tarot, and Your Intuition with Lindsay Mack


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This week’s episode features the one and only LINDSAY MACK, one of the leading Tarot readers in the US, talking all things Tarot and sobriety. YES, there is a link, which we get deep into in this conversation.

Numinous followers will know Lindsay as our former Tarotscopes reader in residence, and will be familiar with her deeply grounded, nurturing, and no-nonsense teaching style. In her own words she is also THRIVING as a survivor of childhood abuse, and in this episode she describes how getting “sober curious” and removing alcohol from her life was the catalyst to not only her healing process, but to her connecting fully to her intuitive gifts and transforming her business and her life.

In this episode we will hear about:

-Lindsay’s sobriety story, which began with her realizing she is literally allergic to alcohol

-How alcohol is often used to mask or damp down intuitive gifts in a world that doesn’t understand

-What is means to be the “pattern breaker” in your family and how to deal

-The importance of finding your “anchors” when facing—and healing—deep seated trauma

-How we can use the Tarot we can use to help understand our relationship to substances and addiction

-The healing cycle and how to ride the waves with compassion and self-love!

Lindsay also shares details of her upcoming Tarot For The Wild Soul Course, which opens for enrollment on Tuesday February 12 2019. Click HERE to learn more—and get access to a special webinar with Ruby and Lindsay on “Your Personal Brand in the Tarot” when you sign up with the code THENUMINOUS!

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