Transformational Speaking with Gail Larsen


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This week’s episode features Gail Larsen, a world-renowned public speaking coach and the creator of Transformational Speaking.

Public speaking is the often cited as the number one most common fear, which is very telling about what we fear might happen to us if we speak up. But Gail’s work reminds us that when we’re speaking the truth that lives in our soul, it’s impossible to say the “wrong thing.” She calls it RADICAL SELF-TRUST.

Gail has been doing this work for 40 years and is a true wisdom keeper. And on a deeper level, her work is about the importance of each of us finding the confidence to use our voices, and of finding a speaking style that allows to be ourselves. All this so that, ultimately, we can realize how impactful our stories are, and how it truly is a loss to humanity when they are not shared.

In this episode, we discuss:

-How to turn anxiety about speaking into excitement

-The stories we have lived as a clue to our life purpose

-Speaking from your home zone versus staying in your comfort zone

-Why being PRESENT and REAL is what makes a really great speaker

-The power of storytelling and compassionate listening as a tool for healing

-How past and even past life traumas speak to us through our bodies

-Truth-telling as a practice for self-actualization

You can sign up for Gail’s online Original Medicine workshop—designed to help you discover what exactly you are here to say—at any time. There’s also a special bonus call for current workshop participants on Feb 6 2019. Click HERE to learn more and experience Gail’s teachings for yourself!

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