Episode 027: Questioning your nursing career? This one is for YOU!


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On this episode, we talk about what to do if you are feeling stuck in your nursing career. Do you ever question why you became a nurse in the first place? Do you constantly wish you had a reason to leave your current position? Do you dread going to work? Maybe you just don't feel PASSIONATE about what you do. If these things are true for you, know that you don't have to stay STUCK! We spend an average of 90,000 HOURS working in our lifetime (that's 3,750 DAYS). Can you imagine if someone told you that you had to spend that much of your life miserable? This is not the way!

We discuss common mindset blocks that exist in nursing culture, the versatility of your nursing degree (and some directions your career can take), action steps you can take now, and a few resources you can use in your journey. I would love to answer ANY questions you have about making a career pivot. Message me @ashley_nursingcoop or shoot me an email at thenursingcoop@gmail.com with any questions, feedback, or comments. Happy Nursing! Resources: -Do Over -- Jon Acuff (book) -Quitter -- Jon Acuff (book) -Don't Keep Your Day Job -- Cathy Heller (book and podcast) -The Art of Work -- Jeff Goins (book) -Ultimate Career Guide for Nurses -- Donna Wilk Cardillo (book)

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