Blackjack #4: The secret to picking the perfect Blackjack table


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There are many skills involved in playing Blackjack well, but the real game starts long before you’re dealt your hand. Choosing the perfect table for your bankroll, ability level and personality is an important piece of the puzzle but it’s one that few Blackjack players pay close attention to.

In this episode, we explain:

  • The different tables you might encounter,
  • The rules to look out for,
  • How to compare Blackjack tables so you know which to choose.

Host Dan Grant also shares his tips for choosing tables when you’re playing online and offline, and reveals why this part of your game is so critical when it comes to Blackjack on the internet.

Tune in to this short but sweet show and you’ll also learn the difference between common game rules and how they affect the house edge, and why house edge is a big factor in what you win or lose in the long run.

We also touch on the psychology behind Blackjack table choice and how less obvious table characteristics like time of day and the other players at the table can impact your success.
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