#119 High-Functioning Anxiety: How to Break Generational Patterns |Dr. Nicole Thaxton


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Are you the type of person that is constantly on the go, pursuing new projects? Are you a perfectionist who is constantly juggling a hundred different projects and responsibilities? Always on the lookout for what you want or don't want to happen in the future, and trying to please everyone to keep the peace? If that's the case, this is an episode you won't want to miss! My next guest is Nicole Thanxton, a Board-Certified & Licensed Professional Counselor who talks how to overcome generational patterns and stop people pleasing. Nicole will also go into greater detail on hormones and how they effect our anxiety such as Thyroid function with estrogen/testosterone/cortisol/adrenaline. Make sure to stay to the end because Nicole will discuss what we can do to minimize our anxiety and how to practice using various ways. Please forward this episode to anyone you know who is dealing with high-functioning anxiety. Contact Nicole Thaxton: nicole@atlwell.com https://linktr.ee/oncallempath Stay tuned for more experts coming soon! 1-1 Coaching Inquiries: Rajmontage@protonmail.com Now taking new clients! Contact me for 1-1 coaching: Mention this episode and receive FREE 30 minute Discovery call! Please share this episode to anyone that may find value in it! Disclaimer-This podcast's subject matter, which contains sensitive medical and mental health issues, is for entertainment purposes and does not constitute medical, legal, or any other type of professional advice. If you have any health concerns, please see a doctor or medical professional. --- Support this podcast: https://anchor.fm/oncallempath/support

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