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We are very happy to announce that new scripted content is coming your way on July 26! That’s next week! You’re gonna hear two “minisodes,” that is short vignettes that are canonical to our story world but outside the scope of the main story (and produced fully socially distantly.)

As always, they’ll be free to listen to (albeit ad-supported). But we will be charging Patrons for them. We said at the start of quarantine, we’d warn you before we started charging again. So consider this your warning, and pause or deactivate your pledge by July 25 if you don’t want to get charged. And believe us, we understand if you need to do that. Times are weird and money is tight.

(And by the way, if you’re new here and don’t know about Patreon – we offer lots of cool rewards and bonus content to anyone who signs up as a Patron on Patreon. You can find out more at

If you can support us though, now is a really helpful time to do it. Your support now means we’ll be able to better pay all the very deserving people who make this show happen, and it means we’ll be able to hit the ground running on all the cool, ambitious stuff we’ve got planned for Chapters 7-9, as soon as it’s safe to go back in the studio.

To that end, we’ve added some new tiers and reach goals over on Patreon…

  • A new $10/episode tier, which will get you a twice-annual voice chat with some of the people who make the show, and a once-annual physical gift from us!
  • If we reach $650/episode total, we’ll do another commentary track for a prior chapter, like we released recently
  • If we reach $800/episode total, we’ll do a second commentary track
  • if we reach $1000/episode total, we’ll create and release a Fiasco playset based on TOAFN, and record some of us playing it.
  • If we get to 50 new and upgrading Patrons by the time we’re done releasing Book 2 Chapter 7, we’ll send all of those new and upgrading Patrons a TOAFN enamel pin. (If you already joined or upgraded since March 1, you’ll be included for the pin.)

Fine print for all of this – reach goals, etc. will all be assessed after the first charge cycle. Also, you should be aware that new laws require Patreon to charge sales on certain pledges in certain jurisdictions. That money goes to the relevant government agencies and not us or Patreon.

And finally – if you want to support the show without signing up for anything recurring – our sponsor this week is Serial Box, a website that creates and curates award-winning sci-fi, fantasy, thrillers, and more, in both audio and text formats. TOAFN Book 1 is available on Serial Box, among a lot of other excellent content. You can get 50% off TOAFN Book 1 at Or, you can get 40% off 10 titles of Serial Box’s choosing (normally $9.99 each) at

See you next week for our first two minisodes!

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