#036 A counter-intuitive approach to innovation in media and news — Styli Charalambous


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A big thank you to Platform45 (https://platform45.com) for making this episode possible. Styli Charalambous — Daily Maverick | CEO/Publisher The thinking behind the launch of print weekly DM168 In this episode I talk to Styli Charalambous, the visionary CEO and Publisher of Daily Maverick. In the midst of a particularly unpredictable time for media businesses (and the world at large, to be fair), South Africa’s digital-first-and-only news publication drew international attention with its launch of a print weekly, DM168. We discuss the vision and motivation for this bold move, in context of a broader conversation about misinformation, disinformation, and the politicisation of media in general. Platform45 · 48h — My new social media crisis communication consultancy · Halo brand agency · The Daily Maverick · Connect with Styli on LinkedIn

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