382: Michael Brody-Waite on Leading in Life


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Michael Brody-Waite is a recovering addict, acclaimed speaker, entrepreneur, award-winning three-time CEO, and leadership coach.

Eric and Michael discuss his book, Great Leaders Live Like Drug Addicts: How to Lead Like Your Life Depends on It,. This interesting discussion dives deep into the principles used to recover from drug addiction and how they can be applied to lead successfully in both our personal and professional lives

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In This Interview, Michael Brody-Waite and I Discuss Leading in Life and…

  • His book, Great Leaders Live Like Drug Addicts: How to Lead Like Your Life Depends on It
  • How everyone is a leader, even if it’s just leading ourselves
  • The parallels between active addiction and behavior in the corporate environment.
  • How the problem is often being addicted to hiding yourself
  • Learning to practice the principles from recovery in real life
  • The importance of surrendering the outcome
  • Learning to practice rigorous authenticity
  • Challenging yourself on doing the uncomfortable work
  • Learning to remove the “masks” we wear to avoid showing our true selves
  • Helpful tools for when you’re avoiding difficult conversations
  • Learning how to be comfortable with the discomfort
  • The value of being in community with others who are working on the same things

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