384: Bruce Feiler on Life Transitions


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Bruce Feiler is the author of 7 New York Times best-sellers and he’s also the presenter of two primetime series on PBS as well as the inspiration for the drama series on NBC, Council of Dads. Bruce’s two TedTalks have been viewed millions of times.

In this episode, Eric and Bruce discuss his book, Life Is in the Transitions: Mastering Change At Any Age.

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In This Interview, Bruce Feiler and I Discuss Life Transitions and…

  • His book, Life Is in the Transitions: Mastering Change At Any Age
  • That our lives are fairy tales – and fairy tales all have difficulties in them
  • His quest to help other people tell their life’s stories
  • The myth of a linear life course and how we suffer because we expect linearity
  • Life quakes
  • How he defines a life disruptor vs. a life transition
  • The three phases of a life transition
  • The skill of rewriting your story after a life quake
  • The importance of telling our stories
  • Identity transitions
  • “Don’t shield your eyes when the scary parts start because that’s when the heroes are made.”
  • How we all can be and need to be the heroes in our own stories

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