386: Lenuta Hellen Nadolu on Courage and Survival


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Lenuta Hellen Nadolu is a loving mother, a successful entrepreneur, and, as you’ll find out in this interview – a survivor. Most recently, Helen was a guest speaker at a United Nations High Commissioners For Refugees Charitable Event in Support of Women and Girls in The Democratic Republic of Congo.

In this episode, Eric and Hellen discuss her new book, Give Me Courage: The Inspiring True Story Of Survival and Escape.

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In This Interview, Lenuta Hellen Nadolu and I Discuss Courage and Strength …

  • Her book, Give Me Courage: The Inspiring True Story Of Survival and Escape
  • Her experience growing up in a struggling communist country
  • Meeting her future husband, the doctor who cared for her mother in the hospital
  • The extraordinary circumstances under which she was able to marry her husband
  • Her move to Africa in consideration of her daughter
  • The love, care, and, respect she found in Ghana
  • When her husband decided to marry a 2nd wife
  • Her experience as the first white woman to divorce a black man in the Ghanian court
  • Why she decided to pack her bags, take her children and fly illegally – smuggling her children – out of Ghana
  • Her dream of giving her children a life free of the racist abuse they had experienced
  • The psychic who told her where to what country she would move

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