Tonya Evans Is The Only Black Queer Woman Explaining BlockChain Episode 104


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What if you, a tenured professor at a prestigious university wanted to buy your mother a home and the bank treated you like a suspect instead of a prospect?

Dr. Tonya Evans, professor at Penn State Dickinson Law School who was recently named to the Forbes 50 over 50 list, in the category of investment, teaches her students how Crypto Currency can bypass the old guard gatekeepers and be the key to creating generational wealth for everyone, but especially for our underserved communities.

But what would you do if an entire institution was threatened by the fact that you are educating others about a new currency that doesn’t involve, gold, banks or brokers? Would you change your curriculum to something safer? Or would you create a popular course called From Cash to Crypto and explain how BlockChain works to the world?

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