Daniel Haqiqatjou – Personality Type, Handling Criticism, Harvard, Alasna, Daily Routine & more


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It was an immense pleasure interviewing Ustadh Daniel Haqiqatjou who was very gracious in offering his time. This series aims at interviewing inspiring “Optimized Muslim” personalities and trying to delve deeper into their mindset and way of thinking intending to discover practical tips we can apply in our lives. The content will only get better in sha Allah – constructive feedback most welcome. I have learned much from his writings and courses at Al Asna Institute and I would recommend incorporating his teachings into your “mental diet”. (No monetary affiliation)


The video interview is on the Optimized Muslim Youtube Channel – check it out!

00:00 Introduction 02:05 Handling Criticism or being called “controversial” 05:20 Personality Growing up 08:35 What age he became Practising 08:55 Time at Harvard; using it to get closer to the Deen 12:30 Discussion on”intelligence” 17:30 Joining the Muslim Students Association at Harvard 20:30 Importance of Mental Diet 23:30 How to reach the “average Muslim” 28:35 Post-graduation changing career path 32:30 Dealing with the pressure of following a “conventional” path 35:00 starting to write whilst working a 9-5 38:00 Experience working in an “office” environment – Christmas Parties 43:00 Muslim Identity being watered down 45:00 Balance between inspiring by mercy vs inspiring by fear 48:00 “Islamic edutainment” movements 50:00 Considerations for Islamic education providers 52:00 Part time Dawah – financially independent speakers 54:50 Al Asna Institute 1:00:00 future course on Islamophobia 1:01:40 Note taking to compile ideas 1:02:20 views on “self help” and positive psychology 1:04:30 Sample Daily Routine and blessings of the early morning 1:07:40 Hobbies

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