Episode 365: 3.4 Leak Units


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Spaceflight News

— SLS WDR FIFI (spacenews.com) (nasaspaceflight.com) (twitter.com/ChrisG_NSF)

— SRB Hydraulic Power Unit hot fire test was completed successfully (PDF p107: klabs.org) (twitter.com/cbs_spacenews)

Short & Sweet

— Psyche launch delayed to 2023 (spacenews.com)

— Atoms for Space (space.com)

— Starlink interference from 5G (engadget.com)

Questions, Comments, Corrections

— Bill Baobab via email: Occultation techniques

— 90 Antiope was “richly” imaged using a multiple observer technique (PDF HT Bill: hal.archives-ouvertes.fr VIA hal.archives-ouvertes.fr)

— Lucy targets - occultation maps (swri.edu)

— 2022-03-27 Polymele occultation (swri.edu)

— From the intro: Cygnus reboosts (blogs.nasa.gov)

This Week in Spaceflight History

— 28 June, 1979. Progress 7 brings first deployable telescope, KRT-10, to Salyut 6 (stackexchange.com) (ru.wikipedia.org) (astronautix.com) (spacefacts.de)

— Next week (7/5 - 7/11) in 1966: If a rocket explodes, and no one is there to hear it, does it make a sound?

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