Chapter 27: The Haunting of 112 Ocean Ave. Part One (Rebroadcast)


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Halloween is over but my spirit is still lingering! In honor of the season, we invite you to enjoy our two part series on Butch DeFeo and the Amityville Horror. After watching the classic version for the first time this past October (yes that was on my horror movie list) I fell in love with the DeFeo family and their story all over again...even if they were only mentioned in passing in the movie. So sit back, pour a pumpkin spice latte, and enjoy listening to me pronounce Amityville 800 different ways! Originally broadcast October 9, 2019.
Written and narrated by Schuyler Fastenau and executive produced by Daniel Jones. Additional voices by Joe Burns, Brian J. McCombs, Nakoma Makuwa, Sandy Rosewell, Rick Turpin, Daniel Jones, Jacob Walle, Kaitlyn Brown, Jessica Miano Kruel, and David Meneses. Cover artwork by Catherine Fastenau.
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