OTSH 64: Sensory, Stress, & Behavior with Olivia Martinez-Hauge, MFTA, OTR/L


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Today, I am welcoming Olivia Martinez-Hauge, MFTA, OTR/L, back to the podcast . Olivia is a school-based OT, a parent of a child with special needs, and a soon to be licensed marriage and family therapist as she furthers her education to support children with special needs. In this episode, Olivia and I are going to provide updates as to how this year has gone compared to our expectations back in August. We will then dive into some pressing issues like person first versus disability first language, ableism, non-preferred activity goals, how OTs address behavior, and how stress plays a role in behavior. You are going to love these discussions

Show Notes: otschoolhouse.com/episode64

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