2022/05/08 – James Goodall – Passing Of John Lear


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Show Page: Alternative Listening: John Olsen Lear .... In a field perceived by most to be replete with "conniving con men, blatant hucksters, shameless publicity seekers and outright pathelogical liers ..." John Lear was a "UFO investigator's" investigator: A no-nonsense former airline captain (he even flew for the CIA) with a penchant for asking the right "organizing questions, out of piles of unorganized details," John's specialty was "the big picture": Who were "they" -- who were so demonstrably visiting Earth right now in human history -- and "what" did "they" want of us ... if not our planet? In the midst of our on-going Enterprise Mission "ET Communications Experiments," as we have lost a truly unique "seeker after ET truths ..." -- John Lear -- I thought it would be appropriate to take some time with one of John's best friends, another former pilot, Jim Goodall ... and reminisce tonight about why John Lear was "one helluva of a classic UFO researcher ...." Join us. Richard C. Hoagland Copyright 2022

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