"Seven Minutes of Terror" The Perseverance Landing on Mars ... and Much More!


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Show Page: https://www.theothersideofmidnight.com/20210220_em-team/ Alternate Listening NASA's latest, newest Martian rover, Perseverance -- which successfully landed just two days ago on Mars -- has now returned its first stunning color images to Earth. And-- On the FIRST panoramic image -- visible, less than half a mile away -- are BLATANT MARTIAN RUINS! So this is what our show is ALL about tonight ... the Beginning of official NASA "disclosure" of what has REALLY been waiting on Mars for NASA to "discover" all these years ... for DECADES ... The obvious eroding remains of at least one "ancient MARTIAN civilization!" While overhead ... the first Chinese Orbiter/Lander/Rover Mars Mission (remember that?) is now ALSO orbiting the Red Planet ... awaiting its turn to land somewhere else on Mars .... While, simultaneously, the United Arab Emerates first Mars mission "Hope" is ALSO circling the planet, overhead. WHO will be the nation that announces the inevitable now -- confirmation of one-time "ancient Martians" on the planet-- FIRST! Join us on this historic evening ... and find out. Richard C. Hoagland

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