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The recent Skinwalkers at the Pentagon book spent a lot of time painting orbs as some sort of demonic force that is a threat to the United States, and it must be dealt with by military defense spending.

In this podcast I bring people from all around the world who have been photographing orbs for years. They are part of perhaps 1,000,000 orb photographs with corresponding stories of paranormal events that have been gathered over the year. The panel included Aneta from Macedonia, Tress from Scotland, Nicole and John from the United States, Derrell from Sedona, Alan from NewRealities, and Janet from Canada.

Each panel member describes 1) their story of encounters with orbs 2) Do they consider orbs positive or negative 3) Have they been contacted by anyone in the government to look at the evidence that they have gathered.

Then each shows some of their best photos and what they think these represent. This can be seen at


The attached picture is a 2015 frame from a video that led to a healing of cancer.

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